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As you've probably guessed from my about me post and page, I love to write which means I love to read too! I don't just like reading anything though. It has to be something modern with interesting artwork on the cover and an equally enticing blurb on the back. Really. That's how I pick my books. I've read tons of teen fiction ranging from Gossip Girl to Christian books for teens, all of my mom's Danielle Steele novels and even  recent best sellers but my favourite types of books to read are fashion books. Whether it's a novel, how-to or biography, I adore reading about the industry I'm so passionate about so I thought I'd share 5 of my recent purchases that I think are the best starters for the fashionista and any aspiring ones alike.

Blogging Your Way To The Front Row: The Insider's Guide To Turning Your Fashion Blog Into A Profitable Business And Launching A New Career by Yuli Ziv

I bought this book just before I launched Chic N' Coveted and right after I'd taken a long break from blogging to refocus my goals and dreams. Not only did it help tremendously with setting up my blog and how I run it now but it also gave me tons of insight into how the business of blogging really works and advice on choosing blog networks, understanding legal terms for bloggers and much more. If you've just started a fashion blog and want to make it as a professional blogger one day I really advise you to invest in this little book. It'll change everything for your blog and you'll definitely thank Yuli later!

The PR Couture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion PR by Crosby Noricks

I found the PR Couture website by accident whilst researching what Fashion PR was and came across the advertisement to buy the book. I wasn't sure what career I wanted in Fashion yet so I bought it to learn more about how things work in Fashion PR and I didn't put the book down till I finished reading all 117 pages of information. I can now define Public Relations and tell the difference between in-house, agency, showroom and freelance Fashion PR. As for what career I want in Fashion, I think it's safe to say I'm between Fashion Journalism and PR. Aspiring to work in Fashion PR? Buy the book. I'm not kidding, It'll offer you some great advice and insight tailored to Fashion Public Relations your PR tutors can't even give you!

In Fashion by AnneMarie Iverson

Unlike the PR Couture Guide that's strictly Fashion PR based, this book gives you insight into hundreds of careers in fashion. From Hair stylist to Editor-in-chief, Fashion Photographer and Designer, you'll get all the information you need on education, training and landing the dream job itself. There's also a little career quiz to see which of the four general fashion fields you fall into and interviews with notable names in each field. Think of it as fashion career boot camp for that dream job you want!

The Little Black Book Of Style by Nina Garcia 

This really is the little black book every fashionista requires. Filled with cute illustrations and a little humour from Nina, it's a down to earth crash course in discovering your personal style, finding your muses and styling yourself. You'll be ready to strut the streets and feel like your style icons doing it. It's extremely inspirational for the budding stylist also!

Style by Lauren Conrad

Very similar to the little black book of style, this guide is Lauren's personal lesson on how to style yourself. Since I began watching The Hills I loved how effortless and cool Lauren Looked in every episode so I just had to get this book for all the inside tips on her style. Everything from altering your jeans to applying makeup and organizing your closet is covered in this guide and Lauren keeps it personal with her own style tales! Another must have for the chic and savvy fashionista.

Have you guys read any of these books? What do you think of them? 

 Llana Kurshana x

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