Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Little Written Inspiration

We all know what inspiration is and what it feels like to be inspired. It keeps us on our toes, refreshes us when we need it and above all, inspiration ignites us to do great things! That said, it can be hard sometimes to find a little inspiration so I decided to sprinkle some on the blog for my lovely readers in the hopes that you'll all feel energized and ready to take on anything. I myself have been busy preparing for the blog's relaunch and I think a little quotespiration will be a great start to the many new changes & features on Chic N Coveted. Find more quotespiration after the jump! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank You

I remember starting up Chic N Coveted in October last year and thinking I'll be amazed if anyone wants to read another fashion blog. Fast forward 6 months and I've already collaborated on projects, met some lovely fashion bloggers starting out just like me and the blog has grown into much more than one girl reading and writing it! Today I'm taking the time out to say thank you & letting you in on a little secret...

For all the support. For reading. For giving me tips on how to improve and for sharing too. Without readers this blog would be more of a diary and I'm happy that all of you reading it genuinely do so because you want to. Although it's been difficult to keep up with posting at times, the late nights drafting next week's posts, endless hours spent putting together inspirational collages & the continuous help of my sister with the photography is all worth it when those comments and sweet emails come through!

Without saying, I took a short break from blogging to refocus on why it is I started blogging & what it is I really want this blog to be about. It's important that my blog isn't just another bit of 'noise' in the densely populated blogging community and so my mini break has helped a ton with finding inspiration and a new angle! 

Starting from next month, Chic N Coveted will be undergoing a makeover just for you! A new look, new content and fresh inspiration for you guys will come in the form of a lifestyle blog sharing my passion for writing, beauty, fashion, travel & much more! I plan on hosting a giveaway sometime this summer as a thank you for being so supportive of Chic N Coveted thus far and I hope you guys will continue to read and enjoy the blog as much I love writing it for you when the makeover is complete! 

I want to finish by saying if you have a dream of starting your own blog, do it! Start it now and don't look back. It doesn't have to be popular and it surely doesn't have to follow the 'norm' of blogs out there! Start it for you and enjoy it. Whatever dreams you have, go and chase them. We won't be around forever and we're all capable of making our dreams come true if we try hard enough. After all, this is coming from a girl who woke up one day and  moved to a completely different country. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support of Chic N Coveted. You all deserve the best in life & I wish you success with all your endeavors too! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine

Since the age of 15 I've had issues with acne and after years of trying to tame it and find products I thought would 'banish' the hideous things, I finally found peace. It all happened last November after my Neutrogena products weren't doing much for me (I'd been using them for a couple of months) and I was getting impatient. My new environment wasn't helping my breakouts that seem to work around my cycle and I came across the Clinique Acne Solutions 3 step system on sale. I snatched it up in desperation, read through the leaflet on my way to the cashier and hoped that it would work a miracle because I'd lost all hope in skincare products. 

After the first week I had baby smooth skin and my breakouts were far less than they'd ever been! The 3 products I used in the set are now part of my daily routine along with the other products above. I thought I'd share how I care for my skin with you guys because I know there's a lot of girls (and guys!) struggling to control their skincare issues and who find it hard to make a routine and stick to it but when you've made up your mind that you're going to settle those issues once and for all, you'll be surprised you never found the time before! 

Some Extras! 

As you can see, I use other products besides my 3 key players for my skin because I don't have just acne issues and I need to keep my skin well moisturized, detoxed every once in a while and healthy so I use masks when I get extra time to have a pampering session, drink tons of water to keep my pores unclogged and swap out my 3 daily products for black soap and Shea butter every now and again so my skin doesn't dry out from all the chemical treatments it's getting. I'm also trying to cut down on sugar and eat more healthy foods to help my skin from the inside!

Tips For Establishing A Skincare Routine: 

  • Research products & speak with a dermatologist to get the best advice tailored to you
  • Try different products to find what works best for you & your skin 
  • I find the best times are in the morning and before bed as you're less busy at these times & your skin is most vulnerable to damage during the day when it's exposed (so protect it in the morning) and repairs itself at night
  • Commit to following whatever routine you put together regardless of your daily plans to see true results

What's your skincare routine? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How To Wear: Yellow

I've never really been a fan of yellow as far as wearing it goes. I mean it's one heck of a color to pull off correctly but after seeing it styled very different ways in magazines and by designers this Spring, I'm a little bit more confident in wearing this season's hottest hue. Head-to-toe yellow isn't exactly top of my list but, I definitely won't mind wearing it these ways, especially toned down with soft greys or with my other favorite trend this & white. Of course, if you're a little intimidated by such a bold color like I was, you can start off with splashes of it in your accessories. Whatever way you choose to rock this fun hue, wear it with confidence and have fun! 

How do you style your yellow pieces? 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Week 2013 Favorites

Since attending my first fashion event at 14 on a school trip to Clothes Show Live I've dreamed of attending the most glamorous of fashion events. Fashion Week. I quickly researched as much as I could about careers in fashion since that fateful December day at the Clothes Show and decided that a career in fashion, be it Fashion PR or Journalism, was going to be mine one day. Fast forward to present day and whilst it's common to see bloggers at fashion week events around the world, I'm still intent on attending all four major fashion weeks one day as a fashion professional. That said, I still watched this year's fashion week shows from the comfort of my room on my laptop, notebook in hand to jot down all my favorite shows and trends like a pro (too much?). I hope not because I'm going to share them with you...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Currently Coveting | Spring Break Essentials

  • The Fringe Bikini - A classic black bikini will never go out of style but it doesn't hurt to play around and find something else that tickles your fancy like this flirty fringe bikini. I'll be adding a printed set and the classic black of course to my bikini collection for Spring Break just because a girl can never have enough bikinis! 
  • The Day Bag - Who wants to tote around a huge bag unless you're spending the day at the beach? With lunches, shopping and exploring to be done you're going to be thankful you're not carrying a big handbag everywhere. This white chic bag satchel from TopShop is perfect for all your Spring Break ensembles!
  • The Day Dress - Unless you're planning on only coming out at night due to your vampire capabilities, you'll be needing basic pieces to wear during the day like this cute coral dress that you can layer over, accessorize & dress up or down depending on your mood. 
  • The Sandal - These stylish sandals are almost too chic for just the beach so why not wear them out and about too. If you want something a little more comfortable for pool parties etc. why not buy a pair of Victoria's Secret's Swim 2013 flip flops? They come in lots of summery shades for you to decide on!
  • The A-List Shades - It's just not Spring Break if you don't have some A-List shades!  
  • The Party Shoe - Now I'm British but I know Spring Break is all about the partying so you've got to have amazing party shoes! This gorgeous Spring fresh pair from ShoeDazzle are to die for. Spring or not, I'm going to have them in my closet! 
  • The Holiday Pant - You don't need to bare all during Spring Break but you can bare some in the most chic way. Try pairing these gorgeous wide leg pants from Mango with a bralette or crop top for a lady-like way to bare some skin. 

If you need some Spring Break inspiration to get you in the mood check out Victoria's Secret Swim 13 collection's Photo shoot filled with the most gorgeous beach wear and accessories to make your break super stylish! 

What are your Spring Break Essentials? 
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